The Final Count Down

This English semester has been very interesting for blogging seeing that it was my first time blogging at all. I like the fact that blogging in a sense is more like a personal diary than a certain writing assignment. It taught me to be able to express my self and feelings in the post and I was able to see my fellow classmates views on certain topics that I might have agreed or disagreed with myself. One thing I do like about the blogging this semester is the fact that Prof. Brown gave us that extra credit assignment in October that will really help my grade towards the end of the year. Now do not get me wrong there was days where I did not feel like typing or blogging about anything especially after basketball because I would just be too tired to talk about anything and wanted to just sleep.

It is actually pretty funny but looking back at majority of my blogs, most of them were about the same thing: including me going to class everyday and going to practice until we started playing games. When we had conditioning month and I would blog about that I remember my body physically being exhausted and my mind mentally not being there at times but I knew had to do it because in all honesty it is easy credit.

In all honesty the only way I will keep on blogging is probably to talk about how my basketball team is doing throughout our season but besides that I do not see myself doing it. Only because even though it is easy blogging takes a lot of down time and in most of my down time I could be studying for classes I really need help in like in math or practicing/resting for basketball.


The Fight for Freedom

In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell in a brief synopsis is basically like communist Russia. Old Major who is the star boar of the farm gathers the animals together of Manor farm and shares with a dream he had where all animals lived together and were not oppressed by human beings. He lets the animals know that it will not be easy to achieve this and he teaches them a song that describes his vision. After he shortly dies after the meeting and 3 younger pigs come up with a new philosophy called animalism, by doing this they were able to run off the farmer off the land and rename the farm animal farm and try to achieve old Majors dream. As time began elapse power began to come in affect with two of the main pigs Napoleon and Snowball begin to disagree on stuff like building an electric windmill for the farm. At a farm meeting Snowball speaks passionately about his plan but Napoleon opposes it has his attack guards chase Snowball off the farm and he gains power over the entire farm meaning whatever the pigs say will be the law. Throughout the end of the book the animals clash with some of the neighboring farmers and it almost does not seem believable so you have to read the rest to find out what happens.



“Four legs good, two legs better”

This significant quote allowed the animals to achieve their goal but toward the end of the book did not seem that important.

One thing I really liked about the book is that how it shows the animals being define as different classes of importance throughout the farm almost representing communist Russia, I liked how George Orwell did that

There was not really anything in the book that I disliked I generally liked the book in total, so I highly recommend if you have time to read this book because the ending of the book will blow your mind away.


Animal Farm

The book I am currently reading is called Animal Farm by George Orwell and talks about an old pig name old major who is one of the leaders at the farm and he describes one of his dreams to the animals about a world where animals live free and tyrant free from their human masters.  Soon after the old major dies the revolution on Manor Farm begins and the name of the farm is changed to Animal Farm.Print

I am only on page 50 of the book but an important quote from the book is

“All animals are created equal”

This past weekend my basketball team traveled to Ventura for a 3 day basketball tournament to see where our skills and team is looking for the upcoming season. We started off playing against Antelope Valley College which apparently according to SocalcollegeSports is ranked 7th in the state of California. In the beginning of the game it was very close and we were matching their team with everything but at one point throughout the game they turned up their scoring and we could not match it. Going into the second half of the game we began to come back so when at first we were down by 15 we brought the lead to 1 point and we was actually winning for a minute. With miss free throws and simple turnovers the opposing team came back and won the game, we ended up losing by one point. It was a tough loss but we played a really good team to be able to compete with them I was very proud of my team and their efforts for putting up a fight.

Our second game we played against moorepark college and we got the win . Our last game of the tournament was against the home team and it was a close game throughout the whole game but toward the end we could not finish the game and ended up coming up short. For our next tournament we will be ready to win the whole thing for sure.


Slice of life Reflection

This slice of life project has been a real help with my writing this month of October and it will be a major help for my grade in this class. Everyday I wrote I would talk in either a first person or third person perspective of my daily life. I was not able to blog every single day due to being tired or just forgetting how important this extra credit is to help with my grade for this class. I think I blogged about 22 days of this month and the days I missed were most of the Fridays and Saturdays. In the beginning I did not do the first 2 days of the month because I did not think the project was that serious until I started to notice my grade decreasing. One thing I can say I learned about myself this month is that I have a busy schedule with basketball and a full load of classes, there are times where I wanted to go to tutoring this month for my Math and English class but did not have the time because usually after practice I would be too tired. Another reason why I am not able to attend the office hours of my teachers is because they have their office hour times the same time as my practice for basketball.

My favorite posts were probably the ones when I had a good basketball practice with my team because my first game is coming this Thursday and I feel like I have worked hard this month to get ready for my upcoming game. Now in all honesty, if I could do this assignment for free it would be hard for me only because I always do not have free time to talk about how my day was like a diary, but I can see myself expressing how I feel if I am not too tired.







Last day

Today was my math test and I every time I take a test I feel like I do better until I receive my test back and see my test score was the same. This test seems different though, I really feel in my heart that I did better this time. It took me the whole time period from 7 am to 9:30 am which I usually leave earlier but I know this grade can either make or break me and I do not want to retake this class like many students tend to do. After my math class I went into the athletic zone to finish my english annotations right before my speech and debate. In the athletic zone as a student you are only allowed to print 5 pages a day and on accident I printed out 10 from this assignment that is due in class tomorrow for English and the zone directors made me pay for it. In my debate class I did not have to debate today I just judged so we actually were dismissed out of class very early.

As I went to practice I forgot to mention, since it was raining earlier in the morning my sweats were still kind of soaked from the rain. When practice started the coaches had to leave for a mandatory meeting because some of the players on the team will not be able to play on Thursday because of eligibility. My head coach was very upset as well because our first game is tomorrow and we are missing a chunk of players who can help us out on our game plan. After practice I went back into the athletic zone to finish up my annotations that are due tomorrow and I got me a chicken alfredo sandwich with fries at the student store after which was very good. For the rest of my day/night I just took a nap and finished up the rest of my homework no trick or treating for me.

Last Monday

Today is the last Monday of October meaning November is just around the corner!! I had to wake up early this morning to get to school so I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. Usually when I am driving to school the traffic is not that bad but this morning it slowed down earlier than I expected but nevertheless I still made it to school on time and was able to take a little 30 minute nap in my car before my 7 am class. My 7 am English class is getting harder as the semester is winding down, tougher assignments and little time but I will not let these assignments break me. After my English since I was still tired from waking up early in the morning I decided to go back to my car and take an hour nap before practice and might I say was the best decision I made in a long time. It really got my energy ready for practice and I was not tired at all if anything I felt rested.

Practice was very good, since our first game is in 2 days coach is really going hard on us but only to challenge us to be ready for the tough schedule we have ahead for ourselves. I am not sure how but for some reason at least once a practice I jam one of my fingers with the basketball and it hurts all throughout practice. Half the time I want to sit out but I just think about the Kobe mentality and I push through the pain. After practice I went to my teammates and started my homework early since we skipped the weight room today. I had a lot of math homework and a test tomorrow that I need to do good on because my grade is borderline passing.


Game Week!!

This Sunday morning was a good morning because today was the first day in a long time where I can actually feel the weather getting cooler. I just so happened to check the weather and could see for the rest of this week that it will finally be cooling down in the 60s and possibly raining on Saturday. I went to church today and I volunteered in the youth ministry being a high school youth leader I love talking to the boys in my group. It is crazy to believe that just 3 years ago I was in their shoes and now I am serving them it is a great and humble experience. After the youth service I met up with one of my old friends from high school and we went to this small bible study with other men right before the main 11 o’clock service. During the main service my main senior pastor whose name is Pastor Diego Mesa, was out of town for the week because he was a guest speaker at a church down in Atlanta, Georgia. After service I could not decide if I wanted to get fast food or not but I decide to save my money and just wait until I got home to eat a snack there.

At home on Sundays I always take a glorious nap, but before my nap today I spoke on the phone with my grandmother and sister who I had not spoke to in a long time. Soon after those phone calls with my family I took a 3 hour nap waking up very tired still and I hate those feelings but I knew if I continued to sleep I would be up all night seeing I have a 7 am class tomorrow. I went to the gym for a couple hours then quickly came back home to get ready for the week ahead of me.


Over School

The title of this blog is exactly how I am feeling toward the end of this semester I am completely over school right now. I am trying my best to stay strong because I know this is the time when the school year either makes or break you as a student and I will make it. So my plan was too really sleep in today and catch up on sleep but I decided to wake up earlier than planned. I woke up earlier than planned because I wanted to spend more time working on my paper for English. I have not had a passing grade on any of my papers for this class but I am speaking it into existence and I will get a passing grade I promise. My professor suggested that we use the smart thinking tool where you send a tutor your paper and they look it over for you before you submit it. I submitted mine to the tutor today around 4 but nobody has responded yet at all, I am praying that even though it is the weekend that someone will be able to look it over because my professor said she will not grade or give our paper credit if we do not do that.

After that I was burnt out and my gardener stopped by who I used to work with in the spring and we talked it up since I had not seen him in a long time. Then I decided to take a nap and once I woke up I went to the gym because we have our first game this upcoming Thursday. For dinner I wanted to buy fast food but I have been spending too much money on food so I just made some burgers at home, went to bed early and get ready for church tomorrow.


Hump Day

Today is my dear ladies and gentleman and I am honestly ready for it to be over with, meaning I am ready for the weekend to get here. My English came back feeling better because on Monday she was sick so class was cancelled, since she was back today we were resuming on our paper on them from the book The Complete Persepolis  and I am writing mine on censorship. We also got our papers back from our previous paper on similarities and differences from the story The Scholarship Boy and Disliking Books. Now personally I really thought I followed all of the directions and thought I was gonna get a good grade but that did not happen at all. I got another failing grade that brought my grade down to a C, I was not to discourage because most of the entire class failed as long as with me. Me being competitive and not settling I do not want to be basic I wanna excel.

Now it is hard to put the extra work like come to office hours for this class because I have practice during the office hours so I can not make it for the help. I hear the writing lab is open but I have also heard at times it can be closed or not any help. Nevertheless I will pass this class with over a C, somehow some way I will persevere this class.  Now my political science class is going real well I have an A in the class and remain on keeping it like that for the rest of the semester. After class practice was pretty good, we are a week away from our first game and the tension is beginning to rise. During practice today I jammed my left pinky finger joint and it hurts to move it and when apply pressure on it, hopefully it will feel better for practice tomorrow.

Boy It’s Hot

Man there is no way in heck it should not be this hot during this time of the year. It is about to be November and it is 100 degrees outside. So hot that I do not even wear a jacket in the morning because it is too hot when I am walking to class. This morning was probably the most unexpected morning I have had this entire school semester. As I was waiting for my teacher to come to class I noticed there was a note on the door saying that our class has been cancelled for the day. Now some kids may say,”Oh did not she send you guys an email?” well let me answer that question. My professor happened to be sick and she sent a last minute email 30 minutes before class. I normally do not check my email in the morning because we usually do not miss class like this. I do pray my teacher gets well soon cause during this flu season no one deserves to be sick. Since class was cancelled I did not know where to go because that was my only class for the day and I was still tired. So what I decided to do was go back to my car and sleep for two hours before the sun made it too hot to stay in my car. For the first 30 minutes it was cool but once that hour hit it was like Mr. sun was beating on my window making it hard to sleep. I eventually got up and went inside the zone because I knew they would have the AC on in the classroom. I finished up some math homework and there and was basically chilling before I had practice with my team. Practice was cool today even though the coaches are starting to be more hard cause our first game is on next Thursday.  We also was able to skip the track today because of the heat and will probably skip it every day this week as well.